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    Squash Greg Owens, Senior Extension Officer, DPIFM Darwin Name: Squash Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae). Origin: The squash or scallop is one of the oldest cultivar groups of C. pepo. The first drawing of a scallop form appeared in 1554 and again in Siciliana in 1651. Distribution: Commonly found in the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, Canada and North America. Australian Distribution: Squash is grown in all horticultural production areas including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. Preferred Climate and Soil Types: Squash is suited to a wide variety of soil types. It is planted in light textured soils such as in Northern Territory soils, which increases the chances of an earlier crop. Description: Squash is an outstanding summer yielding vegetable. Generally plants are of bush and trailing types but the bush type is more common and popular. The stems are hard ribbed and furrowed, frequently five sided and spiny. The leaves are deeply serrated with 3-7 lobes. The fruit has much softer skin and matures earlier than pumpkins but don’t keep as well. Squash prefers a soil pH level greater than 5.5. Varieties: There are two types, the green button squash and yellow button squash with a cultivar called yellow ruffles. Consult your seed supplier for current varieties of squash. 


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