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    CHOKO 1/2 kg


    CHOKOS (1-2 ONLY)


    Do not choke on these choko facts.

    • A choko is the fruit of a vine with the scientific name Sechium edule, that is a perennial and grows vigorously.
    • ‘Chokos’ are also known by eighteen other names, including ‘cho-cho’, ‘pear squash’, ‘mirliton’, ‘chayote’, ‘vegetable pear’ and ‘christophine’.
    • Chokos are native to Mexico, in southern North America, and they were later grown in Europe, other parts of America and Australasia.
    • Chokos are from the family Cucurbitaceae, the family of gourds, and the fruit of the plant, as well as the leaves, roots and seeds are edible.
    • Chokos are typically shaped as a pear with significant ridges and are a mid to light green colour.


    • Chokos have a length ranging from 10 to 20 centimetres (4 to 8 inches) and are usually used as a vegetable and peeled before cooking.
    • Chokos are most often cooked, although they can be eaten raw, and are typically used in stir-fry, relish, soup, salads, seasoned or as side vegetables, and can also be used in baked goods.
    • It has been commonly suggested that the apple pies of Australia’s McDonald’s fast food outlets contain chokos, however, this is incorrect.
    • Chokos are high in folate and are a good source of vitamin C and manganese.
    • Chokos can positively affect the cardiovascular system and limit inflammation, while the leaves can be made into a tea for medicinal purposes.

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